Industrial corrosion resistant centrifugal fan Polyfan features
Over 50 years' experience and significant investments in Research and Development have enabled Plastifer to provide a complete range of high-quality products that enable it to be one of the world's leading companies.
Centrifugal fans in injection-moulded polypropylene that have been made entirely from the acid-proof materials for extracting the acid fumes that are normally found in laboratories, extraction hoods, chemical systems, pharmaceutical systems and galvanising systems. The aspirators are used especially in situations that require resistance to chemical agents, silent operation and energy saving.
The Polyfan range also includes aspirators Atex certified in antistatic polypropylene flash-proof conductor of electricity for installations in dangerous areas, VS/ATEX range conforms to the Directive ATEX 2014/34/UE - EN 14986, tower centrifugal extractors, scrubbers and a vast range of accessories for complete systems.
Plastifer’s production is the largest range of corrosion resistant centrifugal fans available. Our technical staff is available to assist and advise you on the most appropriate fan selection for your requirement.
  • Polypropylene is resistant to ultra-violet rays, is tough and is highly resistant to chemical agents, especially organic solvents.

  • The injection-moulded polypropylene fans are statically and dynamically balanced in order to ensure silent and energy-saving operation.

  • All the fans have a circular intake and a flanged rectangular discharge fitted as standard although a round discharge connection can be fitted.

  • Polyfan fans can be adjusted to 8 positions through 360°.

  • All the units have been constructed for outdoor use with nylon or galvanised metal seats.

  • Polyfan units can be combined with single-phase, three-phase and EEx-d, units at one or two speeds as supplied by specialised builders.