1) Injection moulding techniques achieve a homogeneous uniform thickness in the case housing, flange plates and impeller. This technique offers higher mechanical resistance, smoother surfaces and absence of potential weak points commonly associated with other manufacturing systems using thermoforming and rotary moulding.


2) Quality moulds used in the manufacturing process provides perfect impeller finish and balance, contributing to quality, quietness, chemical resistance and operational life of the product.

3) Polyfan is manufactured entirely from corrosive resistant material ensuring any surface that may come into contact with the corrosive fume has no metallic components.

4) The material used, polypropylene, ensures great resistance to corrosive agents and optimum mechanical resistance.


5) Specific design detail: specially designed self aligning sealing gaskets made of non corrosive material provides protection against leaks between the fan case material and the motor shaft.

6) Quality: the UV stabilised component parts are produced using injection moulding techniques to ensure a perfect assembly, trouble free operation and extended working life.